ADM Rel - 200403 - [4-16-20]

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 4/16/20.



What’s new

  • Promotions are a great way to influence consumer behaviors and being able to analyze the results of the promotions is very important. To help provide another layer of insight, on the Promotion Analysis report in ADM we have added in a new filter that will allow users to view All Promotions, Redeemed Promotions, and Unredeemed Promotions. This new filter will quickly give insight into promotions so users can analyze which ones are working the best and which ones consumers are not engaging with at all.

  • On the ADM homepage dashboard, we have added in a new column for ‘Last Sale’. This column will show the date and time of the last successful transaction for each individual location that was received by ADM. With this insight, you will be able to tell at a quick glance if transactions are being processed as expected or if there is a potential concern at the location given the lack of activity. This data is another tool that will help you to stay on top of your locations and ensure that everything is operating efficiently.
  • Promotions in ADM can be created to span multiple Orgs and Locations, ultimately streamlining the setup process. In order to provide a faster and more consistent experience when creating promotions, users will now be required to select at least one Location in the Promo Filters when setting up Cross Org promotions. This will help to help better define the promo and provide better results in the Product Description and Product Category setup.

  • Being able to quickly and accurately manage inventory levels is a key component of market maintenance. In order to provide a way to quickly update inventory levels, we have added in a new feature called ‘Import Inventory Values’ on the Product tab in ADM. From this page, users will be able to fill out and upload a template of products and quantities, which will either be added to or removed from the current on-hand quantity. A potential use of this new feature is with fresh food items, which may be stocked once at the beginning of a week and outside of the Pick List functionality. This feature will allow for quick updates to those items instead of having to manually enter them into ADM.

  • If an Org and Location in ADM is using a VDI provider, there will now be a Beacon device type showing on the Devices tab if a beacon has been installed. This update will allow for better communication between 365 and the VDI provider and ensure that all products and transactions are accounted for accordingly.

  • On the Sold Details Int report in ADM, we have added in some additional clarity surrounding Discounts and VAT. The current ‘Discount’ column has been renamed to ‘Discount (Incl VAT)’ and will show the total savings on the transaction, including both the actual discount amount and the reduced VAT charge. In addition, a new column for ‘Discount (Excl VAT)’ has been added to the report and will show the discount amount as setup in ADM and will not include the additional reduced VAT charge.

Bug Fixes

Various report bug fixes including:

  • Showing the correct currency symbol on the Financial Canned Report
  • The ability to filter by individual Product Categories on the Sales Analysis report
  • Displaying the correct Product Cost on the Sales Summary and Cost report
  • Displaying Discounts on the Daily Sales Summary report as they were actually applied
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