ADM Rel - 200320 - [4-2-20]

Release Notes rel-200320-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 4/2/20.



What’s new

  • Payroll Deduct is a great solution to offer to clients and consumers, providing an alternative method of Global Market Account funding. As part of this release, we have greatly expanded the functionality of Payroll Deduct to allow for more customization and easier management. Updates include being able to set a spending limit, additional cycle frequency options, the ability to segment consumers into different groups, and the option to bulk assign and approve Payroll Deduct on consumer accounts. If you are interested in learning more about Payroll Deduct, contact your 365 Account Rep today!

  • In a recent ADM release, we introduced the ability to have up to four distinct Tax Rates, allowing for more flexibility in management of taxes. To provide better insight into these taxes, we have created a new ‘Multi Tax Report’ that leverages the new tax functionality. On the Location Summary page, users can enter a distinct name for each Tax Rate and this new Multi Tax Report will pull in those names and show the amount of tax collected for each Tax Rate and Tax Name. This report will make reporting on taxes much easier as users will be able to quickly pull and analyze the data.

  • Scheduled reports from ADM are a great way to automatically receive the data that you need and use the most. When reports are scheduled, they are emailed to the specified users for the set locations and timeframes, ensuring that users get the data they need. To provide better context around these scheduled reports, we have added in the ADM Org Name to the email subject line, so users know where the report originated.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Self Service Menu Preview on ADM that was preventing the preview from correctly rendering. With this fix, users will be able to view an accurate preview of the menu that is setup before saving and deploying it to the ReadyTouch kiosk.
  • For orgs located in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, there was a bug that was causing VAT to be added onto the product price on some reports in ADM. With this fix, VAT will not be re-added to the price as VAT is already included in the list price of the item, ensuring accurate data and reporting.


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