ADM Rel - 200228 - [3-12-20]

Release Notes rel-200228-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 3/12/20.



What’s new

  • To better support the complex tax structures that can be encountered in some locations, we have enhanced the tax system in ADM to support up to 4 distinct rates. When setting up taxes in ADM, users can now input up to 4 rates with each tax, allowing for more granular insight and tax management. In addition, users will be able to name the tax rates on the Location Summary page, which will be used on future reporting enhancements. Please note, the additional tax rates are not required and will only show to consumers on the device UI and receipts if they are applicable.

  • Having insight into consumers is a helpful tool to understand who is using the market and to help support users when necessary. To provide more information around consumers, we will now provide the card holder name in ADM for credit transactions that originated from a V5 kiosk.

  • In ADM on the Transaction Search page, we have added in the ability to search by cardholder name for credit-based transactions. This enhanced functionality will make it easier to search for specific transactions to help support users when they have questions or concerns on their


Bug Fixes

  • We have made a couple of updates to the Sales Analysis report in ADM to provide better data and context. We have fixed a bug that was causing the data to be on a local level as opposed to being an aggregate value for all transactions, which is the intended behavior. In addition, we have updated references to the Product Description to be Product Name, as this report allows users to search by Name and filter the results.

  • We have fixed a bug related to reporting timeframes in ADM that was causing the Last Week and Last 7 Days options to always be the same date range. To fix this issue and provide more flexibility, we have added in options for Last Week (SA-FR) and Last Week (SU-SA), allowing users to select the specific Last Week option they need.

  • A bug on the Promotion Analysis report that was causing the Redemption count to not update has been fixed. There was an issue that was preventing the Redemption value to not increment when a promotion was redeemed on a Nanomarket kiosk, and this has been fixed to ensure accurate data is being displayed.


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