ADM Rel - 200214 - [2-27-20]

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 2/27/20.



What’s new

  • We are glad to announce that we have added in a Percentage Filled column to the Home page dashboard in ADM, which has been a very highly requested feature! This new column will display a percentage of the number of units on hand compared to the total amount of products that can be in a market based on the Max quantity for items extended to the location. The Percentage Filled value is a great indicator to quickly tell approximately how full a market is to help ensure that it is always looking great for consumers!
  • To help provide better context around emails that are being sent from ADM, we have updated the sender email address that is used. The new email address being used from ADM is It will apply to emails sent for Payroll Deduct, Scheduled Reports, Offline/No Sale Alerts, Consumer Invites, and ADM User Role updates.
  • We have reformatted numerous popup modals throughout ADM to make them more user friendly. Before this update, the modals would sometimes cut off information or would resize and not be fully usable. With this update, they will now look and function as expected. Users will be able to fully interact with the modals and perform all necessary actions.
  • Pick List Actions are an essential component to ADM products. They help to determine when a product will be requested for Pick Lists, so they are appropriately stocked in a market. Due to the importance of this component, Pick List Actions are now required when creating and editing products on ADM or when uploading a list of products before a market go-live. This will help to ensure that all products have the necessary info to be usable in ADM.


Bug Fixes

  • ADM Users and Roles help to determine what users can see and influence throughout ADM and are a great tool to customize permissions. We have fixed a series of bugs related to Users and Roles so what users can see and influence is in line with their permission set. Bugs fixed include:

    • On the Notification Center, Transaction Search, Alert Search, and Consumer Search users will now only be able to search for results related to the locations they have permissions to.
    • When editing an existing User Account, you will now be able to see and apply the All Locations permission set, if applicable.
    • Users with View only access for Product characteristics will now be able to view the Product Summary
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