ADM Rel - 200117 - [1-29-20]


The following new features and fixes were deployed on 1/30/20.


What’s new

  • We gathered your feedback and have added a Totals section to the Home page of ADM! This new Total section will show the Total Daily Revenue, Total Daily Transactions, and the Average Purchase Amount for an org. Having this high-level insight at a quick glance is very helpful in gauging how locations are performing for the day and allows for easy analysis. Although ADM is not 100% mobile friendly yet, you will find that logging into ADM on a mobile phone will allow you to see these totals as we work to make the rest of ADM more mobile friendly.

  • We have updated some reports in ADM to ensure that they can be run and return results as expected. These reports include the Payroll Deduct Report and the Balance Report, and ADM users will now be able to reliably run these reports.

  • The Uncollected Cash report has been removed from ADM. The insight this report was attempting to provide was not being conveyed clearly in the results. In order to provide a clear and concise view into how much cash is currently in a bill acceptor for a V5 kiosk, we will be adding a Cash On Hand column to the ADM Home page dashboard. Be on the lookout for this enhancement in a subsequent ADM release!


Bug Fixes

  • On the Sales Time Details report in ADM, we have fixed a bug that was causing data to not populate in the results. With this fix, the associated sales data will now be correctly displayed when the report is generated.























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