V5 Rel - 191201 - [1-29-20]


The following new features and fixes were deployed starting on 1/23/20.


What’s new

  • On the 365Secure reader for V5, we have updated the error messaging to be more descriptive for consumers. If there is a bad swipe of a card that causes data to be missing, the reader will now display a message of “Please Swipe Your Card Again” instead of “Decline”, letting the consumer know what action to take next.

  • As privacy policy laws are adopted throughout the United States it is imperative to provide consumers with the necessary tools to manage and update their data. On the V5 MicroMarket we have updated the flow on-screen when a consumer declines the biometric policy on their account. If a consumer does not have another identifier on their account and declines the policy, they will now be prompted to add a new identifier so they can continue to access their account. This update makes managing and updating data more self-serve for the consumer so they can manage the account as they see fit.


Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes




























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