ADM Rel - 191220 - [1-16-20]

Release Notes rel-191220-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 1/16/20.



What’s new

  • On the Location Summary page in ADM, the Location name has been added as a persistent header on the page. Previously when scrolling through the page, there was no reference to what location a user was on and it was time consuming to have to scroll back to the top of the page to verify the location. This update will make it easier to know what location has been selected so market management can take place faster.

  • On the Consumer Search page in ADM, we have updated the sorting for the Location filter to be sorted alphabetically. This update will make it easier to find the location in the list when searching for consumers.

  • When setting a Driver for a route on the Pick List Manger in ADM, we have standardized the list of users that will be displayed. Only users that have permission to the org and are a non-365 Internal role will be able to be associated to a route, thus providing a cleaner list of users to choose from.


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed two bugs that were caused by a recent update to special character usage in ADM. With this update, some fields were preventing the use of spaces and additional lines, causing issues with the expected functionality. With these fixes, Zip Codes, Userkey, and Receipt Header/Footer fields will once again allow for spaces and additional lines to be entered.






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