ADM Rel - 191206 - [12-19-19]

Release Notes rel-191206-server
The following new features and fixes were deployed on 12/19/19


What’s new

  • When consumers fund their Global Market Account at a V5 kiosk, they can request a
    receipt for that transaction. For all international countries outside of the United States,
    we have localized these funding receipts to make them more applicable to users.
    Updates include translations, currency symbols, and date/time displays that comply
    with local standards. This update helps to provide consumers with a seamless and
    personalized experience regardless of how they are using the MicroMarket.


  • Grand openings can play a pivotal role in ensuring a successful market launch by
    generating interest and buzz. A great way to build that anticipation is by guiding
    consumers to create an account on the 365Pay app or before the
    go-live so they are ready to make purchases at the grand opening. We have added in
    additional functionality on the Location Summary page in ADM to provide you with even
    more options on how you reward consumers for creating that account.
    With the Initial Balance feature, users who create an account at the kiosk or associate
    their new account from the app or online can now receive funds or loyalty points on
    their account. Using the new Initial Balance Date Selector as well, you can use this
    great tool to set and forget these actions so only users who go to the market by the set
    date will receive the funds or points. This feature is a great way to generate exclusivity
    in the market and can help to drive a successful grand opening!


  • On ADM there is the Redeemed Guest Pass Value report which shows the value
    consumers have redeemed of the Guest Pass at the ReadyTouch device. We have
    updated the query on this report to group the report by the Title of the Guest Pass as
    opposed to the Charge To characteristic. This update makes it possible to get a
    breakdown of redemptions by Device and Guest Pass and not just the overall Charge To
    which could inflate perceived redemptions.

Bug Fixes

  • The GMA Loyalty program can be used to incentivize consumers to make purchases in
    the market and can help to drive sales of specific products by offering a higher Loyalty
    Multiplier. We have fixed a bug on the Product Summary page in ADM that was causing
    the Loyalty Multiplier set for each location to be set back to the product default on a
    save. With this fix, you will once again be able to fully customize Loyalty Multipliers and
    influence consumers purchasing behavior