Zendesk 365 HelpCenter Tutorial



Follow this quick guide for a tutorial on how to use the new and improved 365 HelpCenter. The HelpCenter houses:

  • Release Notes
  • Wing Cards
  • Guides for both internal and external use
  • Troubleshooting and How-To Guides
  • Support and General Information documents
  • Forms



Accessing the HelpCenter

The HelpCenter can be accessed through the:

  1. ZenDesk ticketing system -
    • Click the four squares in the upper, right corner (to the left of your Profile icon.)
    • Click Guide.


2. Through the following link:

The Home Page


The Home page offers several ways to navigate the HelpCenter.

  • Search bar - Type your topic in the Search bar and a list of related search results will display. Search by product or article title for best results.  


  • Frequently-used Category Buttons - Click on any of the four large buttons just below the Search bar for quick access to popular topics.  
  • Four Categories - Click on any of the four categories to see their subcategories and navigate your way through the HelpCenter. Each subcategory contains additional subcategories.
  • 365 Department Categories
  • Software Categories
    • Implementation
    • ADM
    • IT
    • Mobile
    • Sales Ops
    • SmartHQ
    • Security
    • Social Feedia
    • Support
    • Release Notes



  • Hardware Categories
  • Documents, Company Kitchen and International
    • 365 Beacon
    • Additional Docs
    • AirVend
    • CK Legacy
    • Dining
    • Grand Openings
    • Legacy Kiosks
    • International
    • NanoMarket
    • Sales Material
    • PicoPlatform


    • V5 Kiosks


Internal vs. External Articles

  • If an article is internal only, a padlock icon will appear to the right of the article title.
  • If an article is both internal AND external, no icon will appear.


Release Notes

You will find the latest information on all release notes for every 365 product in the Release Notes category. 


  1. Click on Software Categories.

  2. Click the Release Notes button on the right. The Release Notes will be displayed in groups by product.


Submitting a Ticket 

Operators can submit a ticket through the HelpCenter instead of emailing it.

  1. Click on the new Submit a Ticket button in the middle of the page.


2. The following tab will display. If you have submitted a ticket before, go to step 4 below.


First-Time Submitters ONLY

3. Click Get Started in the upper, left corner.


A. The following page will display. Click Create and view test ticket.


B.  The following sample ticket will display. Review all of the information in this ticket.


C. Notice the black button with the arrow in the bottom, right corner. Click the arrow and the following popup menu will display:


This menu shows the following ticket statuses:

      • Open - HelpDesk Staff are working on the ticket. 
      • Pending - HelpDesk Staff are waiting for the requestor to reply back to them.
      • On-hold - HelpDesk Staff are waiting for a third party to reply back to them.
      • Solved - HelpDesk Staff have solved the ticket.

There is a fifth status - New. You will see this status on a blank ticket form when you are creating a ticket.

When you have reviewed the sample ticket, click Solved from the drop-down menu in the lower, right corner to return to the previous page. You can continue on to create Views and Macros but these are optional.

D. Continue to step 4 to create your ticket.

Creating a Ticket

4. Click Add in the upper, left corner.

5. Click Ticket in the drop-down menu.


5. The blank ticket form (shown below) will display. Complete the required fields. Suggested articles will appear as you type the subject of your ticket - these may help resolve your issue without having to submit a ticket. 

To help our Support team better assist with your issue/request, please provide the following:

      • Name of the location or the device serial number (VSHXXXXXX, KSKXXXX, etc.).
      • Detailed description of the request or issue.

6. When you click Submit in the lower, right corner, a ticket will be created and a Support Agent will contact you to start working on your ticket.


If you need further assistance, contact us at (888) 365-6282.

Note: You can open a ticket and work on it again within seven days of putting it in "Solved" status. After seven days, the system will close the ticket. If you want to work on it again, you will need to open a follow-up ticket.


Ticket History

Click on the Ticket History button located near the top of the HelpCenter screen.


Note: You MUST be logged in for the tab to display.

You can view the status of all your tickets in Ticket History. Use the Status drop-down menu to sort your tickets.


You can also click in the Subject column of the ticket grid (below the Status drop-down menu) to view a ticket. This includes tickets in Open, Pending, On-Hold, Solved, Closed or Archived status.

You can sort tickets by:

  • Tickets where you are set as the requester - click the My Tickets button.
  • Tickets where you have been CC’d - click the CC'd Tickets button.
  • Ticket status - use the drop-down menu by Status (shown above).



Saved Resources

Click on the Saved Resources button next to the Ticket History button to see a list of all your saved articles (shown below)


Articles that you find helpful or want for future reference, can be saved (bookmarked) in the Saved Resources section for quick and easy access. You will save time not having to search for them in the HelpCenter. Both internal and external users can save an unlimited number of articles. 

To save an article:

  1. Open the article.

  2. Click on the mceclip12.png  button. 

To remove an article from your Saved Resources list:

  1. Open the article.

  2. Click the Image22.PNG button.



You can print an article if you want a copy.

  1. Open the article. 

  2. Click the Image24.PNG button next to the Follow/Unfollow button. 

  3. Choose:
    • print to PDF for an electronic copy
    • print for a paper copy


Navigating to Ticketing System from HelpCenter

To return to the ticketing system from the HelpCenter:

  1. Click the four squares in the upper, right corner (to the left of your Profile icon).

  2. Click Support.