V5 Rel - 191101 - [12-11-19]

Release Notes rel-191101-Kiosk

The following new features and fixes were deployed starting on 12/11/19.



What’s new

  • SOS-11440: We are thrilled to announce that we have completed V5 localization for Alberta, Canada! This is the final step in making our V5 kiosk available in Alberta and this release contains the essential components of kiosk operation including cart calculations, receipts, and credit acceptance. If you are interested in learning more about our V5 kiosk in Alberta, please contact your 365 Canadian account rep!

  • SOS-14255: For V5 kiosks in the Netherlands we have updated the tax labeling to comply with local standards. Previously there was a label for both VAT and BTW, and the VAT line item has been removed so there is only one reference to taxes on screen.

  • SOS-11120: For Australian V5 kiosks, we have updated the tax labeling to comply with local standards. Previously there was a label for VAT tax, and we have updated that to reference GST tax on screen instead.

  • SOS-13907: The one cent penny in Canada has been removed from circulation and in order to accommodate this on the ReadyTouch platform, we have added in rounding on cash transactions. When a consumer pays with cash, the transaction will be rounded to the nearest $.05 increment.

  • SOS-13612: To help prevent theft in Self Service mode on ReadyTouch, we have added in a new setting that can be enabled to require manager approval to remove an item from a cart that was added via a chit. If this setting is enabled, when a consumer attempts to remove an item from their cart that was added from a chit, a modal will appear and will require a manager’s approval to remove the product. This setting does have to be enabled by 365, so contact your account rep or support to have this feature turned on.


Bug Fixes

  • SOS-13816: We have fixed a bug on the V5 kiosk that was allowing consumers to continue to use an active GMA account even though the account functionality had been turned off for the kiosk. With this fix, if account usage is turned off for the kiosk and a consumer attempts to use a GMA account, they will receive an error stating that the functionality is not available and will not be able to use the account.

  • General bug fixes.





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