ADM Rel - 191122- [12-05-19]

Release Notes rel-191122-server
The following new features and fixes were deployed on 12/05/19


What’s new

We gathered your feedback and have made some great enhancements to reporting in
ADM! This update focuses on adding new features and improving the familiarity of
reports for those Operators coming from SmartHQ. New reporting features include:


  • A static criteria bar (like in SmartHQ) saving you from needing to go back and forth
    between the reporting screen and results.


  • The ability to favorite reports so they can be pinned to the top of the page for future
    use. You will also see your recently used reports near the top of the screen for quicker
    access to what you use most.


  • Report Scheduling has arrived! This long-requested feature allows you to set multiple
    recipients, frequencies and even control whether the report is delivered in Excel or PDF


  • New time-frame options (last week, last month, etc.) to make finding dynamic date
    ranges easier. You can also use these relative/dynamic date ranges when scheduling
    reports to quickly see your sold summary report for the previous week to be delivered
    on Monday mornings. We will be adding additional time-frames such as quarters in
    early 2020.


  • ADM offers so many new/similar reports, we've added a cheat sheet so that you can
    quickly and easily see a description and columns of data included on each report. Just
    click the eyeball icon next to each report for a quick preview to browse easier than ever


  • Our next reporting update due in early 2020 will also restore the ability to export directly
    to Excel without previewing and add performance improvements for larger reports. For
    more information on the enhancements mentioned above, please reference our training
    guide and walkthrough video on the Help Center.


  • Having insight into consumer purchases is important for identifying trends and account
    usage in a market. To help provide more insight into these areas, we have created a
    new Consumer Purchase Summary report in ADM. This report will show an aggregate
    of all purchases by GMA account so you can quickly tell how much money a particular
    user has spent.


  • On the Canada Multi Tax report in ADM, we have added in additional columns for
    Deposits and Discounts. These columns will help to provide more detail into
    transactions so users can quickly find accurate data.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug that was causing taxes charged on 365Beacon transactions to not
    accurately report on the Cash Flow Details report in ADM. With this fix, taxes from
    365Beacon sales will now be correctly displayed on the report.


  • On the Location Summary page in ADM when making inventory adjustments, users
    should be forced to make a reason code selection. We have fixed a bug on this page
    that was making users not have to select a reason code. With this fix, users will once
    again be required to make a reason code selection.