365Pay Rel - v3.3 - November 2019


Release Notes v3.3

The following new features and updates deployed in November 2019.

Good news! We received your requests and we’ve made improvements, created some new features and fixed some bugs. Check out what we’ve been up to:



What’s new

  • NEW! You now have the option to select Add a Payment Method from the Funding area on the Home Screen.

  • NEW! When you tap the QR code on the Home Screen your screen brightness is increased. To dim, simply tap again.

  • Added questions and enhanced answers in the Help FAQ section:

    • How Do I Request a Refund?

    • What happened to my Rewards Points?


  • QR code scanning performance enhancements. 

  • Funding button icon improvements to help localize for international users.

  • Added fields to the auto-generated Support Inquiry emails to help assist you as the User in conveying your needs and questions to our internal Support Team.

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes to improve the experience and function of the overall app.

  • Consumers will now see their balance and history update immediately if a refund is provided on a prior funding event.