Nano Rel - v2.11 [11-22-19]

Release Notes v2.11

The following new features and updates deployed on 11/22/2019.


  • SOS-14459
    • We resolved an issue where logging into the Manage Account area on the device would crash the app. Users can now manage their accounts with ease directly on the NanoMarket again.
  • SOS-14225
    • The Product Sales Report now reflects the quantities of items when they are $0 and multiple are purchased in a single transaction.
  • SOS-14507
    • To improve security and to help assist you as an Operator, we now capture the Cancel report image at the beginning of a cart session. This will help to ensure you are capturing each user for Cancelled Orders and Order Timeouts.
  • SOS-13923
    • We resolved a bug where the NanoMarket device was not chiming for every product scanned. You will now hear the noise you love again as users scan items to purchase!
  • SOS-13610
    • You can now disable the Manage Account button on your NanoMarket. Give us a call and we can configure this setting for you today!