ADM Rel - 191108 - [11-21-19] - External

Release Notes rel-191108-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 11/21/19.



What’s new

  • On the Product Sales report in ADM, a checkbox for ‘Include Zero Item Movers’ has been added to the report criteria. When this option is selected, items that have not had a sale for the specified timeframe will show in the results of the report. This feature is great for identifying products that are not selling at a location so you can gain insight into maximizing your product mix.

  • In ADM, the Last Inventoried date on the location dashboard and Inventory page have been changed to only update based on Physical Inventories and not Adds/Removes. These fields are intended to indicate when a Physical Inventory has been completed, so this update will help to provide more accurate information to users.

  • On the Consumer Search page in ADM, we have optimized the search functionality and query to allow for results to be returned quicker. As more locations go-live and additional consumers create accounts, the number of users that can be searched for greatly increases. This update will ensure that results for consumers can continue to be returned in a timely manner.


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug that was causing products to not return in 365 Mobile Inventory when scanning a 4-digit barcode. Now when scanning a 4-digit barcode within Mobile Inventory the correct product will show to be able to proceed with adjusting inventory functions.

  • A bug fix has been implemented on the Sold Details report that was causing loyalty points to show for transactions that did not actually have loyalty associated with the sale. This bug was not causing any financial discrepancies and was simply a UI issue. With this fix, loyalty points will only display for sales that had points associated with them.















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