AV Live 2019.14.0 - [11-3-19] - External


Release Notes 2019.14.0 - External

  • The following new features and updates were deployed on 11/3/2019.


AV Live

  • What’s new

    • The Products grid was redesigned to take better advantage of space. The images were removed from the table and will instead display when you hover over the product name link.
    • We are now able to send DEX files to VendSoft if you use or would like to use them as your VMS.
    • The Failed Vend report was optimized to try to prevent timeouts when selecting larger date ranges.
    • All Reports can now be accessed via the Reports menu at the top of the page. If you prefer to use the existing Reports Index page, you can find it on the menu via Reports => Index.


  • Bug Fixes

    • It was discovered that if multiple users were setup to receive SMS notifications for a given Machine, only the first one was getting the notification. This has been corrected in this release.
    • The AirVend serial number was mistakenly removed from the Config tab on the Edit Machine It has now been restored.
    • It was discovered that the password fields on the Reset Password page were not being masked. This was fixed in this release.
    • It was discovered that the loading icon would not disappear until the page was refreshed when editing, deleting, or changing the order of an Advertisement on the Advertisements grid. This was fixed in this release.


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