ADM/MMA Rel - 190927 - [10-10-19]

Release Notes rel-190927-server
The following new features and fixes were deployed on 10/10/19

What’s new

  • Due to popular demand, we are thrilled to announce that we have completed the
    first step in NanoMarket self-provisioning! This initial phase impacts the
    Location Summary and Device Summary pages in ADM in preparation of a soon
    to be released NanoMarket version. As part of this update we have added
    numerous fields to both pages in ADM, which will ultimately allow you to
    purchase NanoMarkets in bulk and self-provision them on demand. This will
    greatly cut down on lead time and will allow you to quickly sell and deploy


  • Mobile Inventory Scanner Plugin improvements including automatic initiation of the
    camera after a force-close of the web client, and improvements to caching of
    inventoried items. Mobile Inventory with the Scanner Plugin is now available thru
    shortcuts on your phones home screen!


  • In ADM on the Consumer Search page, we will now be displaying email
    addresses for consumers even if they are currently unverified. This will make
    searching for consumers much easier and will allow you to send a verification
    email to the consumer by selecting the Resend button in the results grid.


  • We have standardized the column headings and calculations on the Daily Sales
    Summary and the Sales Summary & Cost reports. Both reports will now have
    columns for Sales, Taxes, Deposits, Discounts, and Total Sales. The calculation
    for Total Sales will be represented as the sum of Sales, Taxes, and Deposits,
    less any Discounts.


  • To maintain a clean and concise reporting system within ADM, we have
    removed the Financial Summary report. We will now point users towards the
    Cash Flow Details report in ADM, which has the same data as the Financial
    Summary report. Consolidating ADM reports will make it easier for 365 to
    maintain and support all functions within the system.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug on the Inventory Variance report that was causing too many Adds and
    Removes of products to be included has been fixed. The Inventory Variance
    report will now only include the additions and removals of products if they
    occurred within the specified timeframes of the required physical inventories.


  • We have fixed a bug on the Inventory Totals report in ADM that was preventing
    all products in the org from displaying in the results. This bug fix ensures that all
    individual products and the associated overall on-hand quantity are complete
    and accurate.