ADM/MMA Rel - 190809 - [9-17-19]

Release Notes rel-190809-server

The following new features and updates were deployed on 9/17/19.


What’s new

  • By popular demand, we have streamlined the pick list functionality in ADM and have added numerous features that allow for more customization. Instead of having to manage each individual pick list from the Location Summary page, there is a new global Pick List area in the Products tab that allow for the planning and picking of multiple pick lists at the same time. These updates will provide massive time savings and will allow for users to manage pick lists as they best see fit. For more information, check out the Pick List Changes to ADM document in the 365 Help Center.
  • Updates have been made to the Spain digital receipts to ensure compliance with local requirements. Numerous label and text updates have been made so consumers can clearly gain full insight into their transaction history.


Bug Fixes

We have fixed a bug that was preventing Canadian operators from printing a PDF receipt from ADM. On the Transaction Search page in ADM, users can Print a PDF version of a receipt and can provide it to consumers as needed. This fix ensures that users in Canada orgs are able to print these re

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