PicoCooler Installation for MinusForty, Due North, Imbera, and True


This article explains how to install the cooler of the PicoCooler

Please note, if setting up a PicoCooler Breeze, see the PicoCooler Breeze - Operator Guide for complete instructions.


Tools Needed

  • 4 foot ladder – to be used to place antenna and as an assistance to hold the device while installing
  • #1 Phillips Head Screw Driver – magnetic suggested


Installation Video


  1. When the cooler arrives, the mounting bracket will appear as in the image below.

    PicoCooler Breeze Mounting Bracket 1.png
  2. Remove the plate from the cooler.

    PicoCooler Breeze Remove Plate 2.png
  3. Remove the screw bag attached to the plate.

    PicoCooler Breeze Remove ScrewBag 3.png
  4. Secure the plate to the PicoCooler unit. Begin by screwing in the top left screw using a screw provided in the screw bag.

  5. Pivot the plate to the right 45 degrees. This will allow room to connect the SMA Cellular Antenna to the bottom connector (see diagram). Use the included SMA tool to connect the Cellular Antenna. When it is connected, remove the SMA Tool and pivot the plate back into place. 

    PicoCooler Breeze Remove Antenna Cable 4.png
  6. Finish securing the plate to the PicoCooler device. The bottom left screw will go through the cable clip and into the unit, followed by the top and bottom right screws.

    PicoCooler Breeze Reattach Plate 5.png
  7. Connect the Molex Power Connector and the RJ45 Controller (Yellow Circle) to their respective ports.

    PicoCooler Breeze Attach Molex and RJ45 6.png
  8. (Optional) If you are utilizing the cellular connection on your PicoCooler, then insert the SIM card into SIM slot 1 (See Diagram at the bottom of this article) until you feel a slight click.

  9. Place the PicoCooler on the cooler by sliding the bottom lip of the device plate down in the space on the mount.

    PicoCooler Breeze To Cooler 7.png
  10. Followed by placing the top of the unit flat against the mount.

  11. Apply pressure against the mount and slide the device up until the hole in the bottom of the unit lines up with the threaded hole. 
    *Note: This may require a decent amount of pressure to adjust the device into place as the unit is snug.

    PicoCooler Breeze To Cooler Final 8.png

  12. Secure the PicoCooler to the cooler by screwing in the scanner hood into the hole in the bottom of the unit.

    PicoCooler Breeze Scan Hood 9.png PicoCooler Breeze Scan Hood Lined Up 10.png
  13. Place the Antenna on top of the cooler in the center. Then screw in the Antenna connector on the labeled connector located on the back of the cooler (orange port cover should be removed). 

    PicoCooler Breeze Antenna on Cooler 11.png
  14. ** Be sure you have plugged in the power cable from the rear of the cooler to supply power to the PicoCooler unit.



This is how the PicoCooler should look when it is installed.

PicoCooler Breeze Install Complete 12.png

Connecting the PicoCooler to the Network

Your PicoCooler will come cellular enabled. There is an ATT SIM card in your unit, and it is activated for immediate use. If you want to use a WiFi connection, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Setup app from the PicoCooler app by tapping five times on the 365 logo.

  2. Enter the driver’s credentials/PIN to open the app.

  3. Tap Setup Network when in the Setup app.

  4. Tap the WiFi button, which will open the android WiFi settings.

  5. Turn on the WiFi, if it is not already on, by tapping the toggle switch at the top.

  6. A list of all available or reachable WiFi access points will display.

  7. Tap on the one you want to join and enter any credentials.

  8. Tap Back on the Android navigation bar at the bottom to return to the Setup App.

  9. Tap Start Kiosk to launch the Pico app again.

Driver Sign-In

Tap on the 365 logo five times. The first time drivers log in, they must use their ADM credentials, email and password. For every login after that, they can use their Driver PIN to sign in.

 From the next screen, the Drivers have access to Unlock and Lock the cooler and all other Test Tools and device information.


Diagram for Ports

365 - PicoCooler Hardware Ports.png