ReadyTouch Pole Display - Cashier Services

ADM Device Setup

Works when kiosk version – rel-190101 is GA.

  • Plug Pole Display into USB Port on RT.
  • Device Summarythe Has Pole Display field must say Yes.


Locations with RT Units

If a location wants to purchase just a Pole Display(s) for their current RT units, the 365 Implementation team will need to update the kernel for the Pole and RT to communicate. Any new RT units should be updated before they are shipped.



If only Pole Display(s) are being purchased, send a note with the order instructing the Implementation team to update the RT kernel.

Ready Touch Kernel Update for RT Units in the Field:

  1. Copy over the file to the correct place; scp ko administrator@ipaddress:~/

  2. Now ssh to the machine and move the usblcpd.ko to /lib/modules/4.2.0-27 generic/kernel/drivers/usb sudo mv usblcpd.ko /lib/modules/4.2.0-27 generic/kernel/drivers/usb.

  3. Now check what is in /etc/rc.local and add modprobe usblcpd.

  4. Copy – sudo mv rc.local /etc to rc.local.

  5. Go to the kiosk and sudo depmod –a sudo modprobe usblcpd.

  6. Sudo reboot.

Device Summary Page


LDX1000 Pole Displays

Bematech’s pole displays PC-based Point of Sale systems often set the standard for reliability, value and functionality, and many value-added resellers use their pole displays.

The LDX1000 uses special display technology and unique circuit design to achieve its reliability. In addition, the units are made with special, high durability plastic that is UV-resistant and prevents color fading.

The LDX1000 is a 2×20 line, 9mm character height display that comes with superior functionality. Scrolling, user-definable characters, and a built-in real-time clock are all standard features of the unit’s firmware. In addition, the LDX1000 series customer pole displays support almost any command set or language to match the Point of Sale application requirements. The LDX1000 also provides interface support options for USB (port-powered) and serial (external power adapter).




Weight –1.8 lbs (.8 kg)

Florescent display (WxHxD) – 6.9in x 2.9in x 1.7in (17.5cm x 7.3cm x 4.3cm)

Rectangular base(WxHxD) – 2.1in x 2.0in x 2.2in (5.3cm x 5.0cm x 5.5cm)

Base plate (WxHxD) – 4.0in x 0.9in x 8.0in (10.1cm x 2.2cm x 20.3cm)

Overall height – 21.5in (54.6cm)

Optical (Fluorescent Display) Digits per row – 20

Number of rows – 2

Digit configuration – 5 x 7 Dot Matrix

Digit height – .3in (.9cm)

Digit width – .1in (.3cm)

Digit pitch – .2in (.5cm)

Character configuration – ASCII

Brightness – 1200 cd/m

Display color – Blue-green

MTBF – 300,000 hours



Power adapter – Serial interface only:

  • Input – 110-120VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output – 5VDC 8A
  • Connector – two conductor female jack


  • Computer side connector:
    • USB – Type A
    • Serial – DB9 (female)
  • Power connector – two conductor male jack


Operating temperature – 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)

  • Relative Humidity – 85% non-condensing

Storage temperature – -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)

  • Relative Humidity – 90% non-condensing

Vibration – 4 G’s

Shock – 40G’s