USConnect Nano Standard 9-2019



USConnect nano standard follows most of our standard configuration with a custom theme Bistro to Go.

POSID sequence is setup by fulfillment and the standard naming convention is:


XXXXXXXXXX – The ten first letters of the affiliate name.

YY – The state where the affiliate is based.

ZZZ – The sequential number for the Bistro to Go by 365 (total for the entire network).

Example: All Star in Michigan – ALLSTARSERMI21


Nano Standard Settings

Org Summary Page

  • Special Type  USConnect
  • GDPR – NO

Location Summary Page Info

  • Receipt Header – USConnect
  • Receipt Footer – Thank You



Location Summary Page (Super Only)

  • Set Theme – USConnect
  • Set Special Type – USConnect
  • Sub Type – NONE
  • Market Card Edit Minimum Length
  • Market Card Length – 8
  • GMA Loyalty Points – OFF (otherwise the Loyalty Fee will be included in the GMA Disbursement Report)



On Device Summary Page

  • Pay By Account Method check – Scan Code
  • MM Sign In Method Check – Scan Code
  • Sales Receipt Options Check – Email and Text
  • Funding Receipt Options Check – Email and Text
  • MM Create MKA Flow – NONE
  • MM Pin Required – NONE
  • Set Has Account Edit – NO
  • Set Finger Print Reader – NO