V5 Rel - 190901 - [9-25-19]

Release Notes rel-190901-kiosk 

  • The following new features and updates were deployed on 9/25/19.


What’s new

  • Theft prevention has always been an extremely important topic within the MicroMarketindustry and we are thrilled to introduce a new product designed to help with theft issues! Introducing the Cancel Alert for the V5 MicroMarket, this packaged offering displays all successful and canceled transactions on an auxiliary screen, thus brining more visibility to kiosk actions.  

When consumers complete a transaction, a green success prompt appears on-screen. When consumers cancel a transaction, a red cancel prompt appears on-screen with an image of the user who cancelled the order. These events alert other users in the market of what is taking place at the kiosk and can act as a visual confirmation on video recordings if you are unable to clearly view the kiosk itself. 

When the kiosk is not in use, the Cancel Alert screen will be idle and can support a slideshow of commercials, which are managed through ADM. This allows for additional communication and advertising opportunities to help maximize your consumer reach. 

For more information on the Cancel Alert package, please contact your designated 365 Retail Markets Account Manager. 

  • With the growth of EMV and ‘tap to pay’ payments, providing consumers with the ability to use these methods to checkout is increasingly paramount. On the 365 ReadyTouchplatform, we are excited to announce an integration with a new credit card reader that allows for EMV and tap to pay credit acceptance at the kiosk! This credit card reader will provide increased functionality to your cafeterias and will help drive more successful transactions by allowing for the acceptance of additional payment options. 

This reader can be included on new ReadyTouch orders or can be added to existing kiosks that are already deployed. For more information on this new ReadyTouch credit card reader, please contact your designated 365 Retail Markets Account Manager. 

  • We have made an update to both physical and digital receipts from the V5 to provide consumers with some additional context. On the current receipt template, there was a ‘Balance’ label and we have updated this to ‘Remaining Balance’. This new label will clearly display information to consumersso they know exactly what the associated balance value is referencing when they make a purchase with a GMA account. 


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Privacy and Biometric Policy screens on the V5 that was causing the confirmation toggle to not move. If GDPR was enabled for a kiosk, users were still able to accept both policiesbut the UI was not updating as expected. With this fix, we have replaced the confirmation toggle with a checkbox, ensuring users know they have successfully accepted the policies. 
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