365Pay Rel - v3.0 - [06-27-19]

Release Notes v3.0

The following new features and updates deployed on 6-27-19.

365Pay App

  • What’s new

    • Welcome to the NEW 365Pay app, a mobile destination to help you stay
      connected with your MicroMarket!
      ▪ New Features:
      • Now compatible with accessibility tools: VoiceOver for iOS and
      TalkBack for Android
      • Help Page FAQs to help users get answers to their questions
      quickly without having to contact our Support Department
      • Inbox area where Operators can notify users of new products,
      promotions and more!
      • Easier navigation with a tab-based menu to help you get to where
      you want faster and easier
    • The 365Pay app is also now available in Ireland!


  • Bug Fixes

    • General bug fixes to improve experience and function of the overall app