V5 Rel - 190601 - [07-30-19]

Release Notes rel-190601-kiosk

  • The following new features and updates were deployed on 7/30/19.


What’s new

  • On the 365Secure Card Reader for the V5 kiosk, we have added in QuickPay functionality. This new feature allows consumers to swipe or tap their card or phone to pay without having to select the 'Pay by Credit/Debit' button on-screen. Consumers can now simply scan their items and swipe or tap their credit card/phone to successfully complete the transaction, ultimately streamlining the checkout experience.


 Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug that was preventing consumers from successfully using their account if they had not accepted the GDPR policies and the kiosk was in local mode. This specific update will display a more descriptive message to the consumer and will be followed by full offline support of GDPR to create a better consumer experience.
  • On the V5 kiosk on the Manage Account screen, there is a QR code that allows consumers to associate their kiosk account into the 365Pay app. We have fixed a bug that was causing this QR code to disappear from the page if a consumer had a fingerprint associated with their account.
  • We have updated software for the V5 and ReadyTouch platform that was causing partial scans of barcodes and QR codes. This was causing consumers to have partial scans of the Scan ID on their account and preventing them from logging in on subsequent attempts. This update will help to prevent those partial scans from occurring.
  • We have fixed a bug that was allowing consumers to add a new Scan ID from the Manage Account page. This was causing unintentional changes of account identifiers and preventing consumers from logging in on subsequent attempts if they did not realize their identifier had changed. With this fix, consumers must be on the specific 'Scan to Setup' page in order to add or edit their Scan ID.
  • On the V5 kiosk, we now support the use of an email domain to make the entry of email addresses easier.
  • On ADM on the Location Summary page there is a Domain field. When a domain is entered in this field, the '.com' button on the V5 keyboard will update to the new domain (e.g. @365smartshop.com) , making it easier for consumers to enter their email address.
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