ADM Rel - 190712 - [07-30-19]

Release Notes rel-190712-server
• The following new features and updates were deployed on 7/30/19

• What’s new

  • is now available in the Netherlands to be used alongside both Kiosk and
    365Pay accounts. Users now have access to the full GMA experience.
  • We have completed ADM localization for Manitoba, Canada, which includes updates
    for digital receipts to meet local regulations and the ability to properly update
    location settings. The V5 localization for Manitoba will be finished in the 190601
    kiosk release and will allow for the official placement of V5 MicroMarkets in
  • Previously when a location in ADM was disabled, the location record persisted
    throughout various sections of the site. To provide a more accurate and less
    cluttered view, we have removed the references to disabled locations across much
    of ADM, making it easier to find and manage active locations. For instance, when
    managing products or alert notifications, only active locations will now be available
    for selection.