ADM Rel - 190614 - [06-27-19]

Release Notes rel-190614-server
• The following new features and updates were deployed on 6/27/19

• What’s new

  • We have updated the receipt template for the Netherlands to meet local regulation
    requirements. This updated receipt will correctly display a breakdown of taxes and
    provide a clear and concise record to consumers for their purchases.
  • In ADM on the Location Summary page, the Receipt Header and Footer fields had
    restrictions on special characters and accent marks. We have removed these
    character restrictions on those fields to allow for a completely customized message
    on receipts.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue on 365MobileInventory that was preventing multiple Add
    Products or Remove Products from being submitted. If a user were to finish adding
    or removing products and attempted to add/remove again, an error was occurring
    stating that the ‘Inventory Session Is Completed’. This fix has corrected that issue
    so users can now freely add and remove products through 365MobileInventory.
  • We have updated the Sold Details report in ADM to remove individual line items for
    products sold with a promotion applied. Instead of having a separate line item for
    the amount of the promotion, the value of the discount will be fully applied in the
    Discount column on the report. This update will help provide accurate data on sold
    products and promotions at your locations.