ADM Rel - 190412 - [04-29-19]

Release Notes rel-190412-server
• The following new features and updates were deployed on 4/29/19


  • Whats New
    • To improve the user interface on the V5 kiosk, we have updated the number of
      funding options that can be shown at a single time. The V5 will now support the use
      of up to 6 different funding options, allowing consumers to choose any of the
      options when they attempt to fund their GMA account with a credit or debit card.
      Before this update, the funding options could become crowded and not display
      correctly if too many values were selected. Xxx
    • As we continue on our multi-phase report update process, we have released a few
      additional updates to reports to standardize and provide you with the most accurate
      data. Updated reports include Credit Transaction, Sold Item COGS, Entry and Delete
      Summary, and Inventory Variance.
    • now has full capabilities to support Australia. Along side the newly
      released 365Pay app in Australia, users now have full access to the world of
      Connected Campus.
    • To provide consumers with additional receipt options on the V5 kiosk, we have
      added in the ability to send an SMS receipt after a transaction completes. This work
      is for the ADM portion that will allow for the SMS receipt option to be enabled. Keep
      on the lookout for the next V5 kiosk release, rel-190401, which will allow for this
      option to be enabled on the kiosk itself
  • Bug Fixes
    • We have fixed a bug that was preventing ADM users from selecting Save on the
      Location Summary page in ADM. If a location had VDI enabled, the user was unable
      to save due to a bug forcing data to be input, even though all required information
      had already been entered. This fix now allows ADM users to successfully save their
      location, given all the required fields have been completed.