Legacy Rel - SmartHQ - [08-21-19]

New Features & Improvements

GMA Migration Enhancements

  • The GMA Migration Scheduler now includes a time selector along with the date selector, but note that the time selector works in EST, not local time!
  • When a transaction is stuck (in Valet) it will now automatically email support to generate a support case about it. It’s also smart enough to send only a single email about each stuck transaction.
  • Valet will now check for and delete any stuck transactions when it detects that GMA has been enabled.
  • GMA migrations no longer create duplicate users, but correctly update the existing users.
  • When GMA migrations are scheduled, ADM will be auto-checked to verify that the locations exist. If ADM does not have the target locations, an error will be presented, and the migration will not be scheduled.
  • The GMA Migration Scheduler will allow the Implementation team to add SmartHQ locations to existing Campuses in ADM… and as a bonus allows users to keep their fingerprints on file. Consumers will no longer need to re-enroll their fingerprints.
  • GMA Migrations can now handle user scancodes that include special characters.

GMA Readiness Report

  • The GMA Readiness Report has a new column for “Last Used ID” (to make a transaction for any particular account).


V5 Readiness Report

Phase 2 Features

The two new features added in phase two are:

  • The v5 Readiness Report now includes the 365Secure upgrade status, since 365Secure is a requirement for migrating a kiosk from Legacy to v5.
  • Operators can now request their own v5 conversions (through the v5 Readiness Report in SmartHQ), and no longer have to work through Fulfillment and Implementation to get it scheduled.

SmartHQs Manage Locations Page

  • The Manage Locations page has been updated to show additional information on the summary view, and also on the individual kiosk’s detail view.
  • The summary view now includes an “Export” button to export any operator’s entire list of kiosks along with important software version and hardware information to an excel file.

Database Performance Enhancements

The following reports process faster:

  • Event Detail Report
  • Credit Transaction Report
  • Sold Detail (non-GMA) Report
  • Sold Summary Report
  • Financial Summary Report

The following SHQ pages load faster:

  • Customer Information Page
  • Manage Web Users Page
  • Manage Kiosk Users Page

Bug Fixes

  • The “Customer Information” page no longer errors out if there are no results to display.
  • Locations that are scheduled for a GMA Migration can no longer be rescheduled mid-process.
  • The v5 Readiness Report no longer chokes and dies when it encounters a username with a special character (looking at you O’Neill).
  • The Global Item Change page no longer requires you to refresh the page in order to refresh the data for Min/Max changes.
  • The SmartHQ Product Upload “description” field can now hold as many letters as the field always implied it could hold… 96 characters.