V5 Rel - 190701 - [08-23-19]

Release Notes rel-190701-kiosk 

The following new features and updates were deployed on 8/23/19.


What’s new 

  • Both the V5 MicroMarket and ReadyTouch platforms can now accept CBORD RFID payments with this latest integration. To continue being a leader within the evolving payment technology space, we have added yet another method that can be accepted on our platforms, helping to expand your customer base. If you are interested in learning more about this latest CBORD RFID integration, please contact your 365 Sales Rep today! 


  • To provide a consistent user experience, we have updated the Order Timeout prompt on the V5 MicroMarket to appear in only specific scenarios. The Order Timeout prompt will only appear if a user is logged into their account on the Manage Account page or if a user is on the cart/payment screens. This update will eliminate unnecessary prompts after users have logged out or have completed a transaction, ultimately improving the user experience with the kiosk. 


  • For V5 and ReadyTouch devices, we have added a manual reboot and an automatic reboot option on the Device Summary page in ADM. If a kiosk is online and the Reboot button is selected, the kiosk will remotely reboot itself.  

To setup an automatic reboot, set the Scheduled Reboot dropdown to Yes and select a specific day and time (in 24 hour format) for the reboot. When the selected Day and Time occurs, the device will reboot as soon as it is in the idle state.    

Bug Fixes 

  • We have fixed a bug that was causing receipts to print on ReadyTouch when a user completed a transaction but did not select a receipt option. If a user did not choose a receipt, the modal would timeout and ultimately print a receipt for the transaction. With this fix, if a user does not choose a receipt option, the modal will timeout, no receipt will print, and the device will navigate back to the home screen. 


  • On the Manage Account page on the V5 MicroMarket, fields for the Biometric and Privacy policies were showing, even if the setting was not enabled for that device. If a user were to select those fields, there was no data to display to the user making it appear as if the page was broken. We have fixed this issue and have removed the Biometric and Privacy policy fields if the device does not have those settings enabled. 


  • Some V5 locations may not need account functionality for consumers, so the Manage Account and Pay by Account features can be disabled. We have added additional restrictions that prevent consumers from logging in with pre-existing accounts, such as with 365Pay, when the account functionality has been turned off. This update will ensure that accounts cannot be used at all if they are deemed unnecessary.