Legacy Rel - Valet v.16 - April 2019

Release Notes for Valet v.16

• The following new features and updates were deployed with SP4.2 and Valet v.16
   Product Name

• What’s New

o Receipts now show the user’s remaining balance.
o SmartHQ’s “Help” Link – This link now leads to ZenDesk Knowledgebase, the
   single point of contact for all of 365’s products.
o ScandIt for SmartInventory – Operators for whom it is enabled can now use any
   smartphone device with a camera as their inventory scanning device.

• Bug Fixes

o Creating an account with the same name as a disabled account no longer
    reactivates the disabled account!
o Newly created accounts can be found and accessed again.
o Changes to the “Manage Notifications” page in SmartHQ are saving
   successfully again.
o SmartHQ’s “Event Details” page should no longer produce application errors
   when a user clicks “Get Data” or “Export”.