V5 Rel - 190401 - [05-16-19]

Release Notes rel-190401-kiosk
• The following new features and updates were deployed on 5/16/19


What’s new

  • We have added a new kiosk status indicator to the Admin Menu on both the V5 and
    ReadyTouch kiosks. This indicator will inform a kiosk user of the current state of the
    device and it if is Online, Offline, or in Local mode. By tapping on the status
    indicator, the kiosk will attempt to refresh the connection so you can easily test the
    real-time status.
  • We have updated the Create Account prompt for Italian kiosks to incorporate both
    the web and app details for creating an account. Consumers at Italian locations can
    now create an account on both 365Pay and MyMarketAccount.net and the updated
    Create Account prompt on the V5 informs consumers of both of these options.
  • There has been continuing progress on our Valet to ADM project and in this release
    we have completed numerous backend tasks. This project will allow for a Valet GMA
    kiosk to be managed out of the ADM backend, providing operators with both Valet
    and V5 kiosks with the ability to have one consolidated platform. Stay on the
    lookout for continued progress on this project and for the full release later this year.
  • On the V5 kiosk, we have updated the number of taps required to access the the
    hidden Admin Menu. Instead of tapping the logo on the top left corner of the kiosk a
    single time, the user must now quickly tap 5 times consecutively. This will help to
    prevent any accidental access to the Admin Menu and will make the V5 kiosk more
  • In both Cashier Service and Self Service modes on the ReadyTouch kiosk, we can
    now force the printing of a receipt after a successful transaction. When enabled, this
    setting will print a receipt after every single transaction that completes, ensuring
    that your consumers always receive a receipt. This setting must be enabled by 365,
    so please let us know if you would like this turned on for your devices.
  • To provide consumers with additional receipt options on the V5 kiosk, we have
    added in the ability to send an SMS receipt after a transaction completes.
    Consumers will have the ability to type in their phone number on-screen and receive
    a text that will link them to a digital version of their receipt. This feature must be
    enabled by 365, so please let us know if you would like this new feature turned on
    for your devices.

Bug Fixes

  • We have solidified the date and time settings on the V5 kiosk to prevent any
    unintended changes. This update will ensure that the kiosk date and time settings
    remain constant to provide the most accurate data.
  • This bug fix corrects an isolated issue where the V5 kiosk was booting to a white
    screen instead of the point of sale software. In some instances when the kiosk was
    booting up or a user was navigating to the exit screen, the kiosk was loading to a
    white screen and those instances have been corrected with this bug fix.