ADM Rel - 190531 - [06-13-19]

Release Notes rel-190531-server
• The following new features and updates were deployed on 6/13/19

• What’s new

  • There is a new Int'l Web/App Funding report in ADM that will provide a detailed view
    into funding events that have occurred on 365Pay and Note,
    only credit transactions completed through the app and web will be included in the
    results of this report, so no kiosk transactions will be included.
  • On ADM, we have added a new Ideas button in the top right corner that will link to a
    form to enter any product feedback and idea suggestions. This form will allow users
    to provide 365 with detailed feedback on our products and to submit any new
    features or enhancements they wish to see.
  • There is a new Inventory Totals report in ADM that will show inventory values for an
    entire organization at a point in time. This report will help to show the current count
    and value of all products in locations within an organization by displaying an
    inventory count and product cost for each individual item.
  • There is a new GMA Migration report in ADM that will show data around any Legacy
    GMA migrations that have taken place. This detail will help to track GMA migrations
    and will show the date of the migration and the number of consumer accounts and
    balances brought over. This report will only show data for locations that have been
    migrated to GMA from our Legacy platform.
  • To provide more insight into consumer redemptions of loyalty points, we have
    added a Loyalty Redemption section onto the Consumer Summary page. When a
    consumer redeems loyalty points for cash back on their account, an event record
    will be generated and will populate in this new section. The data associated with
    these events will be the date, trans ID, number of points redeemed, and the cash

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Product Sales report for International operators that was
    causing VAT to be double counted in the revenue. With this fix, revenue will now be
    calculated correctly as VAT will only be included as expected in the report.
  • We have fixed an issue on the connectivity graph on ADM that was causing
    inaccurate statuses to show for NanoMarkets. With this fix, the connectivity graph
    will display the correct status for the devices so users can have accurate
  • We have fixed an issue that was causing a funding line item to appear on consumer
    accounts if they had auto funding enabled and the account had a Payout and Close
    performed. With this fix, no additional auto funding detail will be generated once an
    account has been closed.