ADM Rel - 190510 - [05-28-19]

Release Notes rel-190510-server
• The following new features and updates were deployed on 5/28/19

• What’s new

  • As 365 continues to expand internationally, it is important that we provide the
    information needed to accurately mange consumers. With this update, we have
    added in a Currency field on the Consumer Summary page that will show the
    currency of the consumer's balance. This will provide a quick reference on accounts
    so you can tell what currency the consumer funded their account with.
  • The 365Pay mobile app is now available throughout Australia, bringing the ultimate
    GMA experience to consumers.
  • The 365Pay mobile app is now available throughout Australia, bringing the ultimate
    GMA experience to consumers.
  • Consumers have the ability to self refund their balance in the 365Pay app by
    navigating to a funding event in History and selecting Request a Refund. With this
    update, we have put this information into ADM on the Consumer Summary page so
    you can see if a consumer successfully refunded their balance. In the Account
    Funding section on the Consumer Summary page, there will now be line items for
    Refunds if the consumer refunded their balance from 365Pay.
  • On the Sold Details report in ADM, we have added in a new column for Date Created,
    which will allow for more accurate comparisons between other reports. Within the
    365 ecosystem, there are various timestamps on transactions that note when the
    transaction occurred on a device and when that sale actually reached ADM.
    This new Date Created column will show the time when the sale reached ADM,
    which will provide the detail needed to tie back sales to other aggregate reports that
    use this same timestamp, such as GMA Disbursement.
  • We have updated the grids on the Global Product page and the Location Summary
    Product tab. These updated grids will allow for more customization of the rows and
    columns, such as being able to filter, sort, and hide data. This update will make
    management of products much easier as you will be able to quickly find what you
    are looking for and make any necessary changes.
  • We are pleased to announce that with this release we have completed our multiphase ADM report updates! The various updates that we have made will help to
    ensure that reports are comprehensive and have accurate data, as well as providing
    a basis for easier future development. Updated reports for this final phase include
    Account Funding, Sales Time Details, Sold Details, and Cash Flow Details.

• Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug with the Flash Sale promotion timing option that was causing
    the promotion to run slightly past 24 hours if that time was selected. This fix will
    ensure that Flash Sale promotions set to 24 hours will go into effect immediately
    and only run for the specified amount of time.