ADM Rel - 190426 - [05-09-19]

Release Notes rel-190426-server
• The following new features and updates were deployed on 5/09/19

What’s new 

  • There has been continuing progress on our Valet to ADM project and in this release
    we have completed numerous backend tasks. This project will allow for a Valet GMA
    kiosk to be managed out of the ADM backend, providing operators with both Valet
    and V5 kiosks with the ability to have one consolidated platform. Stay on the
    lookout for continued progress on this project and for the full release later this year.
  • As we continue on our multi-phase report update process, we have released a few
    additional updates to reports to standardize and provide you with the most accurate
    data. Updated reports include Product Pricing, Item Stockout, Unsold Products,
    Sales Item Details, and the Financial Canned Report.

Bug Fixes

  • On kiosks that utilize a VAT style tax system, products that were a part of a Bundled
    Promotion were rounding taxes at a slightly incorrect rate. We have updated the
    calculations around this scenario to ensure that that rounding taking place is
    correct so that both consumer and operator interfaces indicate the accurate values.
  • Users trying to access the 365 Mobile Inventory solution were sometimes unable to
    login to the site if they had a previous session that was cancelled. We have made
    changes to 365 Mobile Inventory to counteract this scenario so users will always be
    able to successfully access the site.
  • We have fixed a bug on the Product Sales report on ADM that was incorrectly
    reporting revenue for sales on the ReadyTouch kiosk. If a product had a price of $0
    and had modifiers with an associated price, the revenue was calculating incorrectly.
    This bug fix corrects the incorrect calculation so revenue will now correctly report in
    this scenario.
  • We have updated the time 'bookends' on the Inventory Variance report on ADM to
    provide more accurate results on the report. The report was including data that was
    outside of the timeframes of the physical inventories that were being compared and
    we have limited the report to only show data for events that occurred within the
    inventory times. This update will help to provide a more comprehensive view around
    inventory variances occurring within a location.