SmartHQ - Product Upload Process - KB35202


This article will outline the process for a Smart HQ product upload.


  1. Log into Smart HQ.

  2. Click Manage SKU (under the Manage Items column).

  3. Click on the checkbox next to Import Items. The box will then expand with further options.
  4. Click Download Import Template. The blank template will download onto your computer. Open the blank template.
  5. Copy the data from the list the customer sent over (excluding the headers of the columns) and paste it into the blank template.

  6. Once the data is pasted into the template you downloaded from Smart HQ, check the spreadsheet for any errors.  Below is a list of things that you need to ensure are checked prior to uploading:
    • Verify that are no blatant issues including but not limited to:
      • Incorrect Values
      • Displaced columns/rows
      • Zeroes missing from the front of UPCs (verify that Excel is set to Text rather than Number. Setting to Text should display the zeroes as intended.)
      • Verify that the tax is displaying as a decimal rather than a percentage (i.e. tax should display as 0.07 rather than 7). Setting to Excel to Text should format the tax to a decimal.
    • Ensure the Location ID on the spreadsheet matches the Location ID for the desired location within Smart HQ.
      • To locate the Location ID within Smart HQ you would need to go back to the main page of Smart HQ. Then click Manage Locations (under the Administration column). Check the ID column for the desired location.
    • Audit the following fields for any duplicates:
      • Column B - UPC column
      • Column C - Product ID column
      • Column E - Description column

        Duplicates can cause issues as they can cause item values to be overwritten or items to be merged/duplicated.

  7. Once you have checked all of the above, save the spreadsheet to your computer.

  8. Go back to Manage SKU.

  9. Click Choose File in Import Items and select the desired spreadsheet for upload.

  10. Click Import.

  11. Allow Smart HQ a few minutes to import the file. Nothing will display on the screen while the import is occurring. Once the upload has completed, you will receive a Success/Fail prompt. If any items fail the upload, it will let you know which rows and the reason for failure. The completion result page will look like this: