AV Live 8-19-19

Release Notes 2019.12.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 8/19/2019.


Product Name

  • What’s new

    • [SOS-12656] - Add ability to assign an unlinked Device to a Machine in AV Live.
    • [SOS-12740] - Need to be able to change/update a Machine's name from an AirVend.
    • [SOS-12855] - Typical users need to be able to enter/edit the customer machine number and device acquisition information.
    • [SOS-12863] - Add Device Serial Number to the Config page.
    • [SOS-12864] - Show version by default and implement the red/green to show if the device is on the most recent apk.
    • [SOS-12866] - Add ability to assign advertisement to Machines when it is created.
    • [SOS-12867] - Add ability to clone planogram templates.
    • [SOS-12868] - Export coupon grid to Excel.
    • [SOS-12869] - Add ability to send a message with a coupon.
    • [SOS-12870] - Add ability to search by machine name.
    • [SOS-13150] - Add ability to clear a pending planogram.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Internal Only Notes

    • [SOS-12921] - Add Id's to swap machine and move machine popup actions.
    • [SOS-13068] - Make VMC File and VMC Log grids function like Logcat grid as far as opening details window.
    • [SOS-13181] - Restore the Reversal Calls to our CC handling process.
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