ADM - Setting Up Item/Menu Buttons


Item and Menu buttons can be created on ADM to apply to the V5, PicoCooler, PicoMarket, NanoMarket, and ReadyTouch kiosks. Item buttons allow consumers to add single items to their cart quickly. Item Level buttons are great for single items that are not barcoded such as coffee or fruit. Menu buttons would have the consumer navigate through a nested menu.


Setting Up Item/Menu Buttons

When setting up an Item Level button, first set up the menu, then add the Item Level button. To set them up, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Menu tab in the Navigation bar in ADM. Then choose a specific service from the drop-down menu.
    Note: Self Service, Cashier Service, Order Service, Tablet Service, and MicroMarket (Self Service) all allow for Item Level buttons.
  2. You can edit either an existing menu or create a new menu.
    1. To edit an existing menu, click on the name of the menu in the Menu Name column.
    2. To create a new menu, select the desired location from the drop-down menu at the top, right of the screen.
      1. Click the Create New button.  The Menu Setup screen will display.
      2. Enter the name of the menu in the Name field.
      3. Check the boxes by the days you want your menu to be available.
      4. Enter a Start Time and an End Time for the days you have just selected.
  3. From the menu, you can add either item level buttons or menu buttons.
    1. Item Level Buttons: Select +Add item button at the lower, left of the screen to add Item Level buttons.
      1. The Add Product(s) to Menu popup will display.
      2. Select an individual product and click Add. The Button Name popup window will display showing the name of the individual product you just selected.
      3. Change the button name or click Add to accept the name as shown. This is the name consumers will see displayed on your button.
    2. Menu Buttons: Select +Add menu button at the lower, left of the screen to add menu buttons.
      1. Name the menu and click Add.
      2. Sub-menus will ONLY work on the ReadyTouch/365Dining. Click +Add Products.
      3. The Add Product(s) to Menu popup will display. Select an individual product and click Add.
  4. Save the changes in the menu tab, then do a full sync from the Location Summary page. Once the kiosks syncs, the buttons should appear on the kiosk. Buttons with nested menus will have three lines in the lower, right corner. Item Level buttons will have a plus (+) sign in the lower, right corner, as shown below.