How to Add Static IP to Fortinet Router


To get the Router IP Address:

  1. Select Shut Down from the Login screen to access the desktop.

  2. From the desktop, touch the up/down arrows located in the top, right corner.

  3. Select Connection Information.

  4. The Default Router IP Address is listed. Write it down as you will need it for the next steps.


Go to this website: https://<replace with Default IP address>:12345 Only use the 30D Default IP addresses which are 172.16.X.X. Take out bracket < symbols on both sides.

  1. Name – admin

  2. Password – f0rtic3rt!

  3. Login as – Read-Write

  4. Click – Continue

Go to:

  1. System

  2. Networks

  3. Interface

  4. Double-click on the WAN. The Edit field will display.

  5. Change “Addressing mode” to MANUAL.

  6. Enter the default IP and Netmask in the IP/Network Mask field.

    Your IT rep will give you the Netmask number.

  7. Click OK.

Go to:

  1. System

  2. Network

  3. Routing       
  4. Choose Create New in the top, left corner.

  5. Enter ONLY the Gateway IP in the Gateway field.

Note: Leave “Destination IP/ Mask” as 0’s and “Device” as wan.

6. Click OK.