ADM - Unlockable Promotions with Consumer Roles


The Unlockable Promotions feature in ADM allows you to choose which consumers can receive which promotions. Consumer roles can be linked to a promotion, meaning they would need to scan a barcode at the kiosk to unlock the promotion. 

The Unlockable Promotions feature is a great way to implement an Employee Discount or other such promotional deals. 


Implementing Unlockable Promotions 

Creating a Consumer Role

To start, a consumer role must be created. This will be created by the 365 support team. 

  • The name of the role

  • At least ONE commonality amongst the cards to be utilized. The options are: 
    • Starts with - all barcode numbers will start with the same character
    • Ends with - all barcode numbers will end with the same character
    • Length - all barcode numbers be the same length 



Adding a Consumer Role to a Promotion

After support creates a consumer role, you will then be able to use that role to link to a promotion. A consumer role can be linked to any of the 3 promotions: Tender, On-Screen, or Bundle

  • Start by creating a promotion as normal. For more information on this process, see ADM Promotions.

  • Step 4 of the Create Promotion process is Choose Role and Device Filter (shown below). Here, you can choose which roles will have access to this promotion.  


Once the promotion is activated, only consumers that have a barcode card associated with that consumer role will have access to this promotion. At the checkout screen, the consumers will see a button that will give them the option to select the promotion. After selecting the button, the consumer can then scan their barcoded card to apply the promotion.


Customizing the Unlockable Promotion Button

The unlockable promotion button on the checkout screen is customizable by 365 Support.