ADM Consumer Roles - Operator


At the request of an of operator, 365 will be able to create a 'Consumer Role' definition that can be used to identify different types of consumers by determining the specific barcoded market card that is being used. When the consumer scans their market card, they will unlock specific discounts that have been associated with the card. This functionality will allow consumers to be separated into different groups which will determine what promotions they can unlock.


Navigating to Consumer Roles

  1. Log into ADM.

  2. Enter User Name and Password.


Adding Consumer Role(s) to a Promotion

365 operators can create a Consumer Role when creating or editing a Promotion.

The Consumer Roles filter criteria will NOT be available in the Add Filter drop-down menu until one or more Location Type filters (City, State, Zip, Location, Org) have been selected. Only the Consumer Roles associated with the Location Type filter will display in the Consumer Roles filter for selection.


If one or more Consumer Roles are applied to a promotion, then only those Consumer Roles applied will be eligible for the promotional discount.


Hardware Type

Hardware Type allows the operator to filter and select the devices on which to run the promotion. The type for at least one location must be filtered for “Device” to be available in the drop-down menu for the filter.