How to Use Self-Service Kiosks with Premium Payment Options

Home screen – Self Service

  1. Touch the screen to begin the order process.



Product and Cart screen (Empty Cart)

2.  Go through the products using the categories on the left or by scrolling.



Product and Cart screen (Cart with products)

3.  If more than six products are added to the cart, you will be able to scroll through the cart.


UPC Code

  1. Touch the Enter UPC button and enter the first three digits of the barcode.


  2. A list of matching items will display. Select the items you want to purchase.


Payment Options

  1. When your items are in the cart, choose Finish and Pay.

  2. A screen will display offering several payment options. Select the option that is best for you.


Receipt Options

8.  A screen will display offering several receipt options. Choose the one you want.