ADM - How to Use the Mobile Inventory App


365 Mobile Inventory is a website dedicated to managing product inventory directly from the field. The website has been designed for in-store inventory updates, which are typically performed by the route driver.


Preparing for Mobile Inventory

You must create Add and Remove codes in ADM before using them on the Mobile Inventory App. To add or adjust codes, you must have Super User access in ADM.


Login to ADM

  1. Go to and login to ADM.

  2. Touch Super.

  3. Select OrgStr.

  4. Touch the Create New button.

  5. Select the Org from the drop-down menu.

  6. Select the Location from the drop-down menu.

  7. Enter INVREASON in the Type field.


  8. Enter the reason you want to display, such as Spoiled, Expired, ReStock, in the Name field.

  9. Enter the same name in the Keystr field.

  10. In Action, enter either ADD or REMOVE.

  11. Save your changes.


Login to 365 Mobile Inventory Website

  1. From your mobile device, go to

  2. Enter your email and password.


  3. Touch Login.

Note: For best results, use one of these browsers: Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

4. The locations that you can access will display. Touch your location.


5. A list of actions will display as shown below.



Add Products

6. From Location, touch Add Products.

7. Select a Reason.


Note: Reason Codes can be changed in Smart HQ from a computer. Go to:

If you are on a computer with a scanner attached, you can scan a product.


8. Touch Search or scan a product. A list of products will display.

9. Select the product.


10. Enter the quantity you want to add.


11. Touch Set Quantity to Add. A brief confirmation will display.


Remove Products

  1. From Location, touch Remove Products.

  2. Select a Reason.


    Note: Reason Codes can be changed in Smart HQ from a computer, go to:

If you are on a computer with a scanner attached, you can scan a product.

  1. Touch or scan a product.


  2. Select the product from the drop-down list of products.

  3. Enter the quantity to remove.


  4. Touch Set Quantity to Remove. A brief confirmation will display.


Physical Inventory

Enter the number of products currently in inventory. If quantities are entered for the same product on the same day, the system adds the numbers together.

  1. From Location, touch Physical Inventory.

  2. Touch search or scan a product.

  3. Touch the product name.


  4. Enter the current quantity.

  5. Touch Save New Quantity.


Note: If you inventory the same product twice in one day, the system will add the quantities together.

  1. A confirmation screen will display, touch OK.



Pick List

  1. From Location, touch Pick List.

  2. Touch search or scan a product or choose the Refresh arrow in top, right corner.

  3. Touch the product name.

  4. Enter the quantity for restock.

  5. Touch Add to Stock and a brief confirmation will display.



Create your Picklist in ADM

  1. Touch the Location button, choose your location and scroll to the bottom.

  2. Choose the blue Inventory button and make your adjustments to your inventory.

  3. Select the blue Save Inventory button in the top, right corner.

  4. Choose the Pick List button.

  5. Select the Refresh Pick List button.