AirVend Creating and Managing Coupons


This article will show you how to create coupons that can be used to purchase items from your machines.


Coupon Uses

A coupon can be used for several different solutions. Here are a couple uses for coupon codes:

  • Reimburse a consumer for an item that did not vend properly.  
  • Promote a specific item in your machines.
  • Generate interest in your new location.  

However you choose to use coupons, creating and distributing them is very simple.


Open "Manage Coupons"

  1. Click on My Company in the Menu bar.
    My Company Dropdown Coupons.png
  2. Select Coupons from the drop-down list.


Create a Coupon

  1. Click on Create New. The coupon code will be listed at the top.
    Manage Coupons.PNG
  2. Fill in the amount you will be issuing the coupon for in dollars.  Exclude the dollar symbol ($) e.g., 1.50.

  3. Send the coupon code to the consumer by SMS text message or by email.

  4. You can type a message to the consumer in the Note section.  

  5. Click Create when you are finished.

Create New Coupon.PNG


Coupon Review

When the coupon is created, it will be visible from the Manage Coupons page. On this page you can:

  • Resend it to the consumer
  • Edit the information
  • Delete it
  • View usage history

History click.PNG