Sales Time Reports


We have added a new time feature to your reports so that you can further customize your sales and other reports. Here's how it works:

Changes to Sales Reports

The main improvement we have made on this report is the ability to change the start and end time, not just the date.

Adjust Date

The date selection is the same as before. Just click on the calendar icon next to the Start or End Date and select the day when you want to start or end the report.

Adjust Time

To adjust the start or end time of your report, select the clock icon next to your report Start and End Date and select a time from the drop-down menu.

View Report

When you have adjusted the date and time, make sure you click either the Refresh icon at the top of the report or Preview at the bottom to load the report.

Sales Reports

To learn more about how sales and other reports work, read the following article:

NOTE: You may not be able to see these changes on your sales reports until you refresh your browser cache.  Visit this website to learn how to refresh your cache on your browser: