ADM - Lightspeed - Create/Edit and Assign Routes

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Lightspeed integration for V5 products, including the V5 MicroMarket, NanoMarket™, PicoCooler, PicoMarket, and ReadyTouch Dining system, can be configured in ADM. This article will walk you through creating the route and assigning the route to a location.


Create/Edit Route

  1. Click the Admin tab in the ADM navigation bar, then select Routes from the drop-down menu.
  2. Search by the route name to edit a route OR create a new route.

  3. To EDIT a current route, click the route name. You can then make any necessary changes and click Save.
  4. To CREATE a new route, click the blue Create New button in the upper right corner of the Routes page.
    1. Enter the Name of the route (e.g., William's Route).
    2. The Description field is optional. This is a numeric only field.
    3. Select a Driver from the drop-down menu.
    4. The Seqnbr field is auto-populated.
    5. Click the Active checkmark to toggle the route active or inactive.
    6. Click Save.


Assign Route to Location

  1. Go to the Location tab in the ADM Navigation bar. The Location List page will display.

  2. Click on the location where you set up the route. The Location Summary page will display.

  3. Click the long blue bar near that states Click here for location information and settings (+) to display the Info section.

  4. Click the Route drop-down, then select the desired route.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.