ADM How to Add a Product Image

Note: Notify 365 Support before your first attempt to upload images to products. They will need to add a feature to your configuration for images to display on your Self Service kiosk.



  • Use the small image for the Image size = small 180 x 180 pixels.
  • Save it as a .jpg or .png
  • Upload the image to your



  1. Go to

  2. Click the Product tab.

  3. Select Product from the drop-down menu.

  4. Enter the product by name or Scan code in the Search field, to the right of the product list.

  5. Select the product.

  6. Select Show Image, in the middle of the Product Summary page, to unhide the details.
  7. The options are Upload image or Choose from Uploaded images.
    • Upload Image – If you are uploading a new image, browse to the image folder on your computer and select it.
    • Choose from Uploaded images – Choose an already uploaded images from the selection of images.
  8. When you have completed adding the images to each product, they will need to be synced to each kiosk to display.
    • If you need them synced NOW, call 365 Support and ask for a manual sync.
    • If not, a sync will be performed nightly and they will display in the morning.


Remove an Image

 An image cannot be removed due to the configuration of the page, but it can be changed to a blank image. You will need to save a blank image (180 x 180 pixels) to your computer and follow the procedures above.