ADM Promotions FAQ


Table of Contents

General FAQ

Promotion Basics

Promotion Details

Discount Timing

Promotion Filters

How to Create a New Promotion



General FAQ

What types of promotions do we offer?

We offer three types of promotions:

  • Tender Discount
  • On-screen
  • Bundle Promotion

The promotions can be customized with many different features to make promotions very flexible. You can specify if the discount applies to line items individually or the transaction as a whole. You can apply the discount as a percentage or dollar amount. Promotions can also be filtered which gives you the ability to control exactly where a promotion will be delivered.


Who can create, edit, and remove promotions?

Operators for Orgs and Locations that have Promotions enabled in ADM can create, edit, and remove or expire a promotion.


Who can redeem a promotion?

A consumer purchasing an item at a device in a market that has one or more promotions running.


Why should operators use promotions?

Promotions are a great way to incentivize consumers to purchase slow moving items in an inventory, help clear out a product that will soon expire, or raise awareness to new and exciting products in a market.


Can a promotion be set for specific time ranges?

Yes, you can determine the exact start and end time of a promotion, and which day(s) you want it to occur if Recurring is selected.


Can a promotion be turned off before its running end date?

Yes, if you click into your promotion you will see a red End Promotion Now button.


Can I duplicate an existing or expired promotion that I ran?

Yes, after clicking into a running or expired promotion you will see the Copy Promotion button. Click this button and you can make a duplicate of the promotion, give it a unique name, and retain all previous settings. You can edit the settings to better tailor your new promotion.


If I am in the process of creating a new promotion and I close my window, will my progress and settings be saved?

No, if the browser window is closed or you leave the current promotions page, the progress and information of the promotion you were creating will not be saved. You must begin the process again.


What is a Promotion Analysis?

A Promotion Analysis Report can be viewed in the Reports section. This report allows you to view displays promotion redemptions by either Promotion or by Location. You can export this report to an Excel spreadsheet your convenience.


Promotion Basics

Can I name two promotions the same name?

No, the Promotion Name must be unique and cannot be used in a second instance.


Can I use the same promotion for more than one Tender Type?

Yes, in the Details section of a Promotion Creation you can select any combination of Tender Type(s). However, if a Tender Type is already being used in an Active promotion, you cannot create another with the same Tender Type and with the same filter criteria selected to run during an overlapping time.


How many promotions can be running at one time?

You can have three unique promotions running at the same time for each Tender Type (cash, account, credit card) with the same filtered criteria, but you cannot run more than one tender type promotion during the same time period for the same filtered criteria. The filter criteria can create very flexible promotions, which may affect your ability to have more than three promotions running at the same time.


Applying Promotions by Category

If you setup either an On-Screen or Bundle promotion by Category, keep in mind, only the Category 1 field will work. Example: If a product has "Beverages" as a category in the Category 2 field and the Beverage category is chosen when setting up the promotion, then that product will not be a part of that promotion.


Promotion Details

What does Tender Type mean?

There are three Tender Types:

  • Account – The promotion will be applied when a customer uses their Stored Value Account to purchase the items in the market.
  • Cash – The promotion will be applied when a customer uses cash as their form of payment for their purchase.
  • Credit – The promotion will be applied when a customer uses credit as their form of payment for their purchase.

Note: One, many or all Tender Types can be selected for a single promotion.


What does Discount Type mean?

There are two Discount Types:

  • Percentage – This will calculate the specified percentage for the discount to be applied on either the transaction total or by each line item.
  • Amount – This will provide the specified dollar amount for the discount to be applied on either the transaction total or by each line item.

What is the difference between the “Apply Discount To” options?

Each Line Item – The discount will be applied to each line item in a transaction.

Overall transaction – The discount will be applied to the transaction as a whole (subtotal).


What is Transaction Minimum?

You can set a Transaction Minimum that the consumer must reach before the promotion would be applied to the transaction. A Transaction Minimum is not required.


Discount Timing

What does Discount Timing mean?

There are three types of Discount Timing:

  • Scheduled Discount Timing – This is determined by a start date and time and can have an end date and time, or it can be set to run indefinitely.
  • Recurrence Discount Timing – This allows you to run a promotion on specific days of a week. The beginning of the recurrence requires a start date and time and the end date and time, or it can be set to run indefinitely.
  • Flash Sale Discount Timing – This will run from the creation time of the promotion for a specified duration. It has a minimum of one hour and a maximum of 24 hours.


Promotion Filters

What are promotion filters?

Filtering is extremely flexible and provides the ability to control exactly where a promotion will be delivered. This allows you to have very specific intentions with the promotions you create. If a specific location needs a soon-to-expire item discounted, you can easily narrow down the promotion to effect only one location, or only one type of device in that location.

There are multiple filter criteria that you can choose to apply to the promotion based on:

  • City
  • Device
  • Location
  • Org
  • State
  • Zip

Any combination of these criteria can be used to deliver your promotional message to the right audience. You can choose more than one filter to determine the application of the specific promotion.


How to Create a New Promotion

  1. Click the Admin tab in ADM.

  2. Select Promotions from the drop-down menu. A table will display where you can see the Active promotions displayed by default.


You can sort this table to include All, Active, Scheduled or Expired promotions.

  1. Click Create New in the upper, right corner. The Promotion Creation flow will display.

  2. Select the Promotion Type.

  3. Enter a unique Promotion Name.
  4. Click Next.

  5. Fill out the details of the promotion in the Promotion Details tab.
    1. Tender Type – Account, Cash, Credit
    2. Discount Type – Percentage, Amount
    3. Apply Discount To – Overall Transaction, Each Line Item
    4. Discount Amount or Percentage
    5. Transaction Minimum (not required)
    6. Discount Timing – Scheduled, Recurrence, Flash Sale
    7. Start Date
    8. End Date (or check Has No End Date)
    9. Start Time
    10. End Time
  1. Click Next.
  1. Now you need to apply Promotion Filters. These will help narrow down the Markets and Devices where your promotion will be applied.
  1. Click Create.

  2. The Promotion List will display, where you can view your newly created promotion.