NanoMarket Setup with NanoConnect Kit

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The NanoConnect kit used to provide a router and OptConnect connection for NanoMarket locations requires certain specific configuration changes to the router housed inside the metal casing, and directly on the NanoMarket. Complete the following steps to fully configure a NanoConnect kit:


Configuring the Cisco Router

  1. Disconnect from the WiFi or LAN on your laptop.

  2. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the computer to LAN port 1 on the Cisco router.

  3. Power on the Cisco router.

  4. Browse the Internet on the computer to the router. Type one of the following IP addresses in the URL field on the computer: or

  5. If the router was previously configured for a Gen3 kiosk, enter one of the following IP addresses on the router Login page:
    • New Router / Factory Reset Router (
      Username:     See LastPass
      Password:      See LastPass

    • Previously Configured Cisco Router (
      Username:     See LastPass           
      Password:      See LastPass            
  1. Sign into the router and click the Administration tab.

  2. Select Backup / Restore Settings.

  3. Browse to the configuration file location on your computer.
  1. Load the RV110W_nanoconnectMAR2019.cfg file.

    NOTE: This file will need to be emailed to the operator by 365 Support. Support can locate the file in the Support SharePoint.

  2. Click Start Upload. The router will reboot.

  3. After the router restarts and the configuration file sets the router IP address to, browse to the IP address in the Internet browser.

  4. Sign into the router:
    • Username: See LastPass
    • Password:  See LastPass
  1. Verify that the IP address of the router is

  2. Verify that the starting IP address is

  3. Verify that the Maximum Number of DHCP Users field is set to 10.
  4. Click the Wireless tab.

  5. Go to Basic Settings.

  6. Make sure the MAC filtering is not enabled. 

  7. Sign out of the router.


Testing OptConnect with Cisco Router

  1. Turn off the router.

  2. Plug-in the OptConnect Antennas.

  3. Power on OptConnect.

  4. Be sure that:
    • Two of the three lights are on.
    • The green plug-in has one end of the OptConnect Ethernet cable connected to the OptConnect Device and the other end connected to the WAN port on the Cisco router.
  1. Turn on the Cisco router.

  2. When all of the lights are green on the OptConnect, test the internet connection.

  3. Browse to a website on the computer.

  4. Confirm that it is working.

  5. Finish production of the NanoConnect.
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