AirVend - Reports Overview

This article will review each of the different AirVend reports and their functionality.

Reports page

1. Click on the Reports tab. A list of various types of reports will display.

Reports dropdown.PNG


2. Select the report and then the machine(s) you would like to see by adjusting the filter. when you select a machine, it will turn orange.

3. To apply the filter, select the Preview button at the bottom of the page.

AirVend - Preview button.png

Sales by Machine Report

The Sales by Machine Report will display all your sales for any or all of your individual sales. Cash sales will display first, then Credit sales and finally Coupon sales. To see more on the Sales by Machine Report visit the article here.

Sales By Machines.PNG

Item Movement Report

The Item Movement Report gives you the amount of each item that has been sold from any one of your machines.

Item Movement.PNG

Profitability Analysis Report

The Profitability Analysis Report gives you profit margins on each of your items according to your reported cost and retail.

Profitablity Analysis.PNG

Refill Report

The Refill Report gives you the amount of each item you will need to refill your machine to par levels. To see more about the Refill Report and learn more about par levels,, visit the article here.

Refill Report.PNG

Failed Vends Report

The Failed Vends Report will keep a list of all failed vends that were reported to AirVend. Failed vends may work many different ways. This depends entirely on how your vending machine manufacturer designed failed vends.

Here are some possibilities, although not a full list and there may be more possibilities. 

  • Coil fails to spin
  • Item fails to drop
  • Item gets stuck

Your vending machine may have actually dispensed an item. For more information contact your manufacturer. 

AirVend - Failed vends.png

Heartland Report

The Heartland Transaction Report will show your individual transactions. You can get the last four digits or the first six digits of the credit card to identify the purchase. Although not shown in the image above you can see the cost of the finalized transaction. This is helpful as customers will frequently report ,that they were charged the authorization amount, instead of the purchase amount. You will be able to confirm the actual finalized transaction amount.

AirVend - Heartland Transactions Table example.png