NanoMarket Release v1.2.0 2017




NanoMarkets Now Support Bottle Deposits

It's kind of an important feature, so we added it.





Account Management Notification Messages

When you update your account card you’ll receive a notification saying: “Success! Your account card has been updated.”

We think this is good attitude adjustment over the old silent-treatment.

Product Searches for Products with Multiple UPCs

It used to be that if a product had multiple UPCs and you searched for that product by name, it would show up once for every UPC.

Now the product name shows up once and lists each UPC associated with it.

Animations Update

We've updated the Pay By Account, Pay By Credit Card, and Account Login animations to look more like what your NanoMarkets actually look like! Yay consistency!




The NanoMarket Knows Your Name After You Sign In

This specifically means after you sign in it will no longer call you “Guest” and will show your first name instead.

The Home Commercial "Flashing" Situation Has Been Solved

When the standard “Scan Now” image changed to a commercial image on the “Home Commercial” screen, it would flash white. Now it transitions smoothly between images.

The Home Commercials Are Also More Sociable Now

Previously if your NanoMarket had only one Home Commercial, it stayed in bed acting depressed. But if your NanoMarket had more than one they would come out and be sociable.

After intensive therapy Home Commercials no longer need friends.