NanoMarket Release v1.3.0 2017

This nanomarket release is all about updates to the way we work with credit cards, but also includes some updates to smooth out how well the unit syncs.



Insufficient Funds

When you go to buy a snack and you're a couple of cents short, wouldn't it be nice if the machine would prompt you to add more money and then finish the transaction instead of making you cancel the transaction, fund your account, and re-initiate the transaction?

Yeah, we thought it would be a nice feature too, so we programmed it. With 1.3.0 the NanoMarket has a much smoother Insufficient Funds workflow.

QuickPay Enabled

The self-checkout at the grocery store is smart enough to know that if I just swipe my credit card while it's sitting there asking me how I want to pay, to choose credit card for me.

Now the NanoMarket does too. It'll still prompt you for how to pay, but if you ignore it and just swipe the card, it knows what to do.





Card Readers & MultiTasking

While we want most of our electronics to multi-task better than we do, when it comes to credit card readers we ended up telling it to stop multi-tasking.

When consumers got impatient waiting for a transaction to process and swiped their card again, the reader said "Okay, I'll run that charge again, you got it boss!" but now it just firmly ignores you until it's done processing the first transaction and clearing your cart.

Scanner Animations

The on-screen animation indicating that you should scan your market card or QR code now has been updated to better represent the distance you should hold your code from the scanner, and the speed at which it should be moved.

100% of the 1 technician asked said that the new animation looks like a UFO abducting your Market Card or SmartPhone with a tractor beam.

Slow Networks & Full Syncs

NanoMarkets that have poor quality network connections often spend all night trying to complete a full sync, which leaves them sleepy and cranky when consumers returned in the morning.

We've optimized their dream-time defrag process to work more smoothly and with less effort, and we've also moved that to be a background process so it should have less impact on anything else the NanoMarket does.




Bad Data Preventing Sync

While this card was written in a an older dialect of technobabble, I was able to find enough museum photos of that strange language written on clay tablets to translate it.

It seems that a case of incorrect data being saved in some field was preventing the NanoMarket from syncing. That field has been optimized to validate its data and prevent this from happening again.

Thanks bug squishing team!